Kanakam Foundation laid the stepping stone to “serving the community”. 

In 2016, two people, Mr. K.V. Raju, and Mr. Manikanta Oolla, same mindsets, built the tomb of hope of the Kanakam Foundation. They heard the unheard plight of the underprivileged section of their community and how their miserable fortune cripple them into debt trail, poor nutrition, and malnutrition, this is where the seed of the foundation was laid and Kanakam Foundation came into existence with the vision of creating a positive impact in the lives of people and communities in dire need of help. We strive to encourage, empower and strengthen the people who are struggling to meet their ends. 

We aim to strengthen the weaker sections. Kanakam is a proud family of 8 board directors hailing from different states. We work tirelessly to address pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges by leveraging resources, partnerships, and technology to create lasting solutions.  We believe in strengthening the weaker sections of society, by illuminating their lives with a ray of empowerment and bringing an improvisation in their standards of living.

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