We at Kanakam Foundation believe in strengthening and empowering the weaker sections of society. Our members are proactively working to make a futuristic tomorrow. Our team members are engaged in providing solutions to people in times of need, empowering the rural livelihood by providing employment opportunities, meals, and shelter to old-age people. We are diverting our plans into multiple channels to provide complete care to the underprivileged sections of society.

Kanakam Foundation is active since 2016.

We thrive to Illuminate lives and uplift the plight of the underprivileged sections of society. We want to endow, empower and uplift the youth, families, and communities deprived of the necessities. We aim to prosper, educate and inspire through innovative techniques and market-focused livelihood programs. Deploy meals, nutrition, and employment opportunities. We are committed to promoting good governance and raising awareness among the privileged segment of society.

At present, Kanakam Foundation has worked on multiple verticals such as 

  • Healthcare
  • Livelihood
  • Old Age Home
  • Rural Development
  • Agriculture
  • Relief in the time of Covid
  • Human Empowerment
  • Sports (Scholarships)

You can contribute to the Donate Now page on our website. If you have donations-related queries, kindly email us at *email add*

At the crux, Kanakam Foundation aims to provide innovative ways to cover holistic improvement in people by employing transformational solutions for every child to thrive, succeed and prosper. We aim to build a better future for the untapped section of our society.

At Kanakam Foundation, we prioritize children, their families, and their communities as our primary target groups, with a special emphasis on placing children at the center of our efforts. 

We ensure to promote child’s education and encourage students with scholarship programs, skill- building classes and address the needs of the family and the wider community to which they belong.