Livelihood: Empowering Futures Through Skills

Welcome to the Livelihood initiative of Kanakam Foundation, where we are dedicated to providing marginalized communities with the tools they need to create better lives for themselves. Through skill development, knowledge sharing, and sustainable practices, we’re fostering empowerment and economic independence.

Empowering with Opportunities: Unleashing Potential

At the Kanakam Foundation, we­ understand the hardships that marginalized communitie­s often encounter whe­n trying to access education and job opportunities. The­refore, our Livelihood de­velopment initiatives prioritize­ offering knowledge, training, and acce­ss to technologies, service­s, and opportunities.

By providing individuals with essential skills, our goal is to bre­ak the cycle of poverty and e­mpower them to lead live­s filled with dignity.

Skill Development for Empowerment: Building a Path Out of Poverty

Our mission is clear: to address poverty and illiteracy by offering skill development programs. These programs allow the underprivileged to monetize their skills, leading to sustainable livelihoods.

From computer classes to retail management, English speaking to personality development, we offer a wide range of training that not only enhances skills but also boosts confidence.


Empowering Farmers: Nurturing Sustainable Agriculture

Kanakam Foundation extends its support to small-scale farmers as well. We promote sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural practices to enhance their productivity.

Workshops and knowledge sessions are organized to create awareness about institutional entitlements and government policies related to agriculture. By equipping farmers with knowledge, we’re transforming agriculture into a more sustainable and lucrative venture.


Skills That Transform: Our Training Initiatives

● Computer Classes: Bridging the digital divide by offering computer literacy, opening new avenues for employment and communication.
● English Speaking Classes: Equipping individuals with the power of English language communication, expanding their horizons.
● Retail Management Classes: Providing skills to excel in the retail industry, a sector with vast employment opportunities.
● Personality Development Classes: Enhancing soft skills that are crucial for professional growth and success.
● Financial Literacy Classes: Educating individuals about financial management, promoting responsible economic decisions.


Empowerment Beyond Training: Our Holistic Approach

Beyond just training, Kanakam Foundation offers a comprehensive approach to empowerment:

● Monthly Career Counseling Session: Guiding individuals to make informed career choices.
● Employee Engagement Activities: Fostering a sense of community and belonging.
● Exposure Visits: Broadening horizons by showcasing different work environments.
● Parents Teachers Meeting: Involving families in the process of empowerment.
● Celebrating Important Days: Recognizing achievements and milestones.

Entrepreneurship for Women: Nurturing Business Minds

Our initiatives extend to women, with entrepreneurship training aiming to develop business acumen and enable self-sufficiency. Through partnerships with organizations like the ILO, we provide training on setting up small businesses, helping women build a path to independence and success.

Transgender Skill Development: Inclusivity and Empowerment

We strongly value­ inclusivity and diversity. That’s why we have de­veloped a Transgende­r Skill Development Program that is de­signed to empower transge­nder individuals.

Through this program, we provide e­ssential soft skills training, such as personality deve­lopment, financial literacy, functional English, and effe­ctive communication skills.

Additionally, we offer vocational training programs tailore­d to individual interests and the de­mands of the market. This includes training in are­as like beautician skills and stitching.

Join the Movement: Empowerment through Livelihood

Your support is crucial in this journey toward empowerment. Together, we can create a world where marginalized communities have access to opportunities, skills, and knowledge that lead to sustainable livelihoods. Join hands with Kanakam Foundation and help us build a future where economic independence knows no bounds.


Be the Change: Start Today

Join us in transforming lives through skills and knowledge. By supporting Kanakam Foundation, you become a part of a movement that’s shaping brighter futures. Let’s empower individuals to break free from the chains of poverty and realize their true potential.


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