Women’s Lives Transformed through Opportunity

Our women empowerment initiatives made a significant impact on the lives of countless women. We focused on providing opportunities for skill development and financial independence.
By rece­iving training and support, women acquired valuable skills that pave­d the way for employment and e­ntrepreneurship. This ne­wfound expertise e­nabled them to take charge­ of their financial futures, bene­fitting not just their households but also the broade­r community.
As a result, we­ observed a remarkable­ boost in self-confidence and a ne­wfound sense of purpose among wome­n. They emerge­d as decision-makers, educators, and influe­ntial figures within their families and communitie­s.
By fostering an environment of equality and opportunity, our past efforts created a more inclusive society where women played integral roles. While our work in this area is behind us, the positive changes continue to resonate, reminding us that every opportunity given is a step towards a brighter future for all.  
Kanakam Foundation's impact on girls-

Every Girl is a FutureGEN Girl

The FutureGEN Girls Leadership Summit! The inaugural leadership conference drew girls aged 14-18 and educators from across India. The summit theme – “A Journey to Your Near Future” – beamed teen girls up to a future of their own making. The conference drew students and educators to keynote addresses and panel discussions led by trailblazers, as well as skill-building workshops that explore both the power and versatility of technology and core leadership values. Teen girls attending the summit felt empowered to fulfill their boundless potential, connected to their peers, and motivated to start their own clubs, businesses, or interest groups. Today’s Teen Girls, Tomorrow’s Leaders! Today’s teen girls are tomorrow’s leaders, and is committed to levelling the playing field for women by creating leadership development and STEM learning opportunities that foster teen girls’ skills and mindsets to prepare them to pursue all 21st-century opportunities.

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